Charter Hall Community Spirit Award 2022 Nominees ep.1

Fri, Jul 22, 2022, 2:29 AM
Declan Armstrong
by Declan Armstrong
Ben Tuipulotu runs a coaching drill with Sydney University. Photo: SUFC Media
Ben Tuipulotu runs a coaching drill with Sydney University. Photo: SUFC Media

In the lead-up to the Catchpole Medal Dinner on 10 August, each of the nominees for the inaugural Charter Hall Community Spirit Award will be announced and celebrated by the wider Shute Shield community.

Read below what Sydney University have stated about their two worthy nominees, Andrew Frazer and Ben Tuipulotu.

Andrew Frazer – Sydney University

For over 10 years, Andrew Frazer has assisted Sydney University as their photographer for all match day media, functions and club events. Andrew demonstrates incredible enthusiasm and energy to capture all the unique moments around the club, while his commitment to travelling across NSW and interstate at short notice ensures every member of the club experiences key moments on and off the rugby field.

Andrew Frazer snaps away at a Sydney University clash. Photo: SUFC Media

Andrew personifies recognising and appreciating differences throughout the Club. Through his photography, Andrew looks to capture the integration of different cultures within the club and ensures members and volunteers of all age demographics feel welcome and included.

Ben Tuipulotu – Sydney University

Ben Tuipulotu has volunteered as a coach of both men's and women's rugby at Sydney University for more than 10 years. Ben provides an incredible coaching environment where players feel safe and supported, contributing to player growth and development across all levels of our club. On a weekly basis, Ben has dedicated many hours to providing the highest standard of coaching for the players, focusing on the enjoyment of the game and building positive relationships.

Ben is passionate about engaging with new players of the sport and ensuring they feel confident with learning the unique skills associated with rugby. Ben cherishes the diversity within our sport and unifies players from different cultural backgrounds and experiences to form highly functional teams.

Keep an eye out for more nominee profiles in the coming weeks.

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