Charter Hall Community Spirit Award 2022 Nominees ep.2

Tue, Jul 26, 2022, 10:27 AM
Declan Armstrong
by Declan Armstrong
Chris Hedge has been a volunteer at Manly Rugby for over 20 years. Photo: Manly Media
Chris Hedge has been a volunteer at Manly Rugby for over 20 years. Photo: Manly Media

In continuing our series previewing the individuals nominated for the inaugural Charter Hall Community Spirit Award this year, hear what Manly and Warringah rugby clubs had to say about their chosen nominees.

Chris Hedge – Manly

Through over 20 years of service, Chris Hedge has dedicated countless hours as a referee of both junior and senior levels, assisted in ground set up and is currently a Board member at Manly Rugby Club. Chris has also spent many Saturday and Sunday mornings helping young referees navigate their initial training and introduction into rugby. Chris epitomizes NSW Rugby’s mission of care – not many could lay claim to helping ensure all aspects of our game are being looked after.

All Chris’ roles center around inclusiveness and empowerment, whether that be for referees, players or supporters. Chris’ actions ensure each member of our rugby club understand what is required of them. Chris is the ultimate example of someone doing tremendous work to help unify the game for the greater good.

Phil Jackson – Warringah

Alongside his wife Viv, Phil Jackson have been instrumental individuals at Warringah for many years. Phil has done vital work for the inclusiveness and wellbeing of our playing group, past and present.

Following the tragic death of Lachie Ward, the club realised there was a great need to support our players, coaches, managers and supporters through this very difficult time. Phil stepped up and embraced that role. This year alone he has held mental health workshops for our top squad and a large group of colts and U18 teams. Phil works with Head Above Water and Gotcha for Life, two local mental health charities that often attend our home games and are a important asset to our club.

Phil attends every game and is regularly on hand at training enquiring how each of our playing group are. He has an excellent rapport with the players, wider club community and is always available to speak to anyone in need of assistance. Phil is an important member of Warringah Rugby Club and a key reason our club has such a wonderful community spirit.


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