Charter Hall Community Spirit Award 2022 Nominees ep.3

Wed, Jul 27, 2022, 1:04 PM
Declan Armstrong
by Declan Armstrong
Tim Carroll alongside friends on Gordon matchday. Photo: Gordon Rugby Media
Tim Carroll alongside friends on Gordon matchday. Photo: Gordon Rugby Media

In continuing our series previewing the individuals nominated for the inaugural Charter Hall Community Spirit Award this year, hear what Eastwood and Gordon rugby clubs had to say about their chosen nominees.

Tim Carroll – Gordon

Tim Carroll has been a member of the Gordon Rugby Club for over 50 years, first as a player and now as a respected community member. For 12 years, Tim has demonstrated his commitment to the game in his role as the ground announcer, delivering a continuous and unbiased message throughout the day. He works closely with the match day officials and opposition managers to ensure all matches start on time, run smoothly and that any issues that arise on the day are handled as effectively as possible. Tim approaches his role with an open, enthusiastic and friendly demeanour while making each visiting team feel welcome each weekend.

Self-professed rugby tragic, Tim treats everyone he comes across equally and recognises the importance of community within the Gordon rugby family. He is the essence of what makes our club successful and a worthy nominee for this award.

Paul Maguire – Eastwood

Fulfilling many roles during his 20 years at Eastwood Rugby Club, Paul Maguire displays dedication and empathy toward not only members of his own club, but members of the wider Shute Shield family. Paul always puts the athletes first, including during the COVID-19 outbreak where he led the education and protocol management of our pandemic response. Acting as a manager of various lower grade sides during his tenure, Paul is fully aware of the holistic approach taken at Eastwood. Many opposition staff and players would testify to the care and welcoming nature that Paul exudes each weekend.

His commitment to enhancing club unity is second to none and Paul is always willing to provide honest feedback on any difficult decision. Paul typifies what this award is celebrating and we are honoured to have him within the Eastwood community.