Shute Shield stars named in North and South Harbour teams

Thu, Sep 22, 2022, 6:23 AM
Declan Armstrong
by Declan Armstrong
Ben Houston and Christian Yassmin received the most individual votes. Photo: RicMac Photography
Ben Houston and Christian Yassmin received the most individual votes. Photo: RicMac Photography

The best players in Shute Shield have been announced in North Harbour and South Harbour teams. A three-way trial match against the Waratahs is set to be played on 18 February ahead of the 2023 Charter Hall Shute Shield season.

Each of the twelve Shute Shield coaches was asked to submit their dream team following the 2022 season, without selecting their players. The below lineups will form the basis of the final North and South Harbour teams that will be finalised in early 2023, with Waratahs players not to feature.

From each of the Shute Shield clubs, the 2022 premiers Sydney University feature most prominently, with Charlie Hancock, Zac Von Appen, Jack McCalman, Ben Hughes, Angus Bell and Tim Clements all voted into the South Harbour lineup.

Behind the Students, both Northern Suburbs and Randwick see four players feature, with the likes of Harry Burey, Nick Duffy and Matt Faessler all recognised for strong Shute Shield seasons.

Those highlighted in bold below recognise the players voted for by four or more of the Shute Shield coaches.

Of these names, two Wicks accumulated the most individual votes, with Randwick skipper Ben Houston and winger Christian Yassmin each selected by eight of the twelve Shute Shield coaches.

With this North and South Harbour clash marking the first time we’ll see these stars in 2023, the match acts as a perfect precursor for another much anticipated Charter Hall Shute Shield season.


  1. Rory O’Connor - Warringah
  2. Phil Bradford - Hunter Wildfires
  3. Sateki Latu - Warringah
  4. Max Douglas - Manly
  5. Dave Henaway - Norths
  6. Ratu Tuisese - Eastwood
  7. Donny Freeman - Hunter Wildfires
  8. Hunter Ward - Manly
  9. Nick Duffy - Norths
  10. Tane Edmed - Eastwood
  11. Esera Chee-Kam - Warringah
  12. Harry Burey - Norths
  13. Alesana Pohla - Gordon
  14. Reece Mau-u - Norths
  15. Reece MacDonald - Gordon


  1. Charlie Hancock - Sydney University
  2. Matt Faessler - Randwick
  3. Conor Young - Southern Districts
  4. Manasa Rokosuka - Western Sydney Two Blues
  5. Zac Von Appen - Sydney University
  6. Ben Houston - Randwick
  7. Jack McCalman - Sydney University
  8. Charlie Gamble - Eastern Suburbs
  9. Teddy Wilson - Eastern Suburbs
  10. Ben Hughes - Sydney University
  11. Angus Bell - Sydney University
  12. Nick Chan - Randwick
  13. Mosese Tuipulotu - Eastern Suburbs
  14. Christian Yassmin - Randwick
  15. Tim Clements - Sydney University


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