SRU release fixtures for the 2023 Charter Hall Shute Shield season

Wed, Oct 12, 2022, 10:57 PM
NSW Rugby
by NSW Rugby

Sydney Rugby Union (SRU) has today announced the fixtures for all eighteen rounds of the 2023 Charter Hall Shute Shield season, with the competition officially kicking off on 1 April.

The 2023 season will launch with a flurry of blockbuster matchups, including a Randwick road trip to Pittwater Rugby Park and a clash between Northern Suburbs and Sydney University.

Round One will also see West Harbour opening the new Concord Oval against Two Blues and the Woodies travel to Woollahra Oval for a date with Easts, with both sides finals contenders in 2022 and looking to build on strong finishes to last season.

The first five rounds are heavy on traditional and emerging rivalries, Warringah against Sydney University (Round Two), Gordon against Eastwood (Round Four) and Norths against Gordon (Round Five).

“The countdown is well and truly underway for the 2023 Charter Hall Shute Shield season, and today’s announcement will only heighten the excitement throughout our competition,” said SRU General Manager Peter Watkins.

“After what was one of our closest competitions in recent decades, each club is working hard to ensure the competition is set for 1 April.

“The Charter Hall Shute Shield is an incredibly competitive and strong rugby competition, and we look forward to seeing all the rugby community and fans enjoying the action in 2023.

With all twelve teams playing eighteen matches throughout the season, the clubs will enjoy a bye weekend following Round Ten before the run to the finals series begins on 17 June.

As is customary, the run to finals will again be all-important, especially for clubs that have teetered on the precipice of a final position over recent years.

The Two Blues will face Randwick, Gordon and West Harbour in the final three fixtures of the season, looking to build upon a 2022 season which saw them narrowly miss out on finals rugby.

Blockbuster fixtures between Eastwood and Norths (Round Sixteen), Warringah against Manly (Round Seventeen) and Gordon against Sydney University (Round Eighteen) round out the competition and could be integral in shaping the top four.

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Download the full fixture list.

2023 Charter Hall Shute Shield Fixtures


Sat 01 Apr Easts v Eastwood

Sat 01 Apr Northern Suburbs v Sydney University

Sat 01 Apr Southern Districts v Gordon

Sat 01 Apr Warringah v Randwick

Sat 01 Apr West Harbour v Two Blues

Sat 01 Apr Wildfires v Manly


Sat 08 Apr Easts v West Harbour

Sat 08 Apr Eastwood v Manly

Sat 08 Apr Northern Suburbs v Southern Districts

Sat 08 Apr Two Blues v Gordon

Sat 08 Apr Warringah v Sydney University

Sat 08 Apr Wildfires v Randwick


Sat 15 Apr Eastwood v Two Blues

Sat 15 Apr Gordon v Warringah

Sat 15 Apr Manly v Easts

Sat 15 Apr Randwick v Northern Suburbs

Sat 15 Apr Sydney University v Wildfires

Sat 15 Apr West Harbour v Southern Districts


Sat 22 Apr Randwick v Easts

Sat 22 Apr Gordon v Eastwood

Sat 22 Apr Manly v Northern Suburbs

Sat 22 Apr Southern Districts v Warringah

Sat 22 Apr Two Blues v Sydney University

Sat 22 Apr Wildfires v West Harbour


Sat 29 Apr Eastwood v Southern Districts

Sat 29 Apr Northern Suburbs v Gordon

Sat 29 Apr Sydney University v Randwick

Sat 29 Apr Two Blues v Wildfires

Sat 29 Apr Warringah v Easts

Sat 29 Apr West Harbour v Manly


Sat 06 May Easts v Sydney University

Sat 06 May Northern Suburbs v Eastwood

Sat 06 May Randwick v Manly

Sat 06 May Southern Districts v Two Blues

Sat 06 May Warringah v Wildfires

Sat 06 May West Harbour v Gordon


Sat 13 May Eastwood v West Harbour

Sat 13 May Gordon v Easts

Sat 13 May Manly v Warringah

Sat 13 May Randwick v Two Blues

Sat 13 May Southern Districts v Sydney University

Sat 13 May Wildfires v Northern Suburbs


Sat 20 May Eastwood v Warringah

Sat 20 May Northern Suburbs v Easts

Sat 20 May Sydney University v Gordon

Sat 20 May Two Blues v Manly

Sat 20 May West Harbour v Randwick

Sat 20 May Wildfires v Southern Districts


Sat 27 May Easts v Two Blues

Sat 27 May Gordon v Wildfires

Sat 27 May Manly v Southern Districts

Sat 27 May Randwick v Eastwood

Sat 27 May Sydney University v West Harbour

Sat 27 May Warringah v Northern Suburbs


Sat 03 Jun Eastwood v Sydney University

Sat 03 Jun Gordon v Manly

Sat 03 Jun Southern Districts v Randwick

Sat 03 Jun Two Blues v Warringah

Sat 03 Jun West Harbour v Northern Suburbs

Sat 03 Jun Wildfires v Easts


Sat 17 Jun Easts v Southern Districts

Sat 17 Jun Eastwood v Wildfires

Sat 17 Jun Northern Suburbs v Two Blues

Sat 17 Jun Randwick v Gordon

Sat 17 Jun Sydney University v Manly

Sat 17 Jun Warringah v West Harbour


Sat 24 Jun Easts v Warringah

Sat 24 Jun Gordon v Northern Suburbs

Sat 24 Jun Manly v Wildfires

Sat 24 Jun Randwick v Sydney University

Sat 24 Jun Southern Districts v West Harbour

Sat 24 Jun Two Blues v Eastwood


Sat 01 Jul Eastwood v Gordon

Sat 01 Jul Manly v Randwick

Sat 01 Jul Sydney University v Northern Suburbs

Sat 01 Jul Two Blues v Southern Districts

Sat 01 Jul West Harbour v Easts

Sat 01 Jul Wildfires v Warringah


Sat 08 Jul Easts v Manly

Sat 08 Jul Northern Suburbs v Randwick

Sat 08 Jul Southern Districts v Wildfires

Sat 08 Jul Sydney University v Two Blues

Sat 08 Jul Warringah v Gordon

Sat 08 Jul West Harbour v Eastwood


Sat 15 Jul Gordon v West Harbour

Sat 15 Jul Manly v Two Blues

Sat 15 Jul Northern Suburbs v Warringah

Sat 15 Jul Easts v Randwick

Sat 15 Jul Southern Districts v Eastwood

Sat 15 Jul Wildfires v Sydney University


Sat 22 Jul Eastwood v Northern Suburbs

Sat 22 Jul Manly v West Harbour

Sat 22 Jul Sydney University v Easts

Sat 22 Jul Two Blues v Randwick

Sat 22 Jul Warringah v Southern Districts

Sat 22 Jul Wildfires v Gordon


Sat 29 Jul Easts v Northern Suburbs

Sat 29 Jul Gordon v Two Blues

Sat 29 Jul Randwick v Southern Districts

Sat 29 Jul Sydney University v Eastwood

Sat 29 Jul Warringah v Manly

Sat 29 Jul West Harbour v Wildfires


Sat 05 Aug Gordon v Sydney University

Sat 05 Aug Manly v Eastwood

Sat 05 Aug Northern Suburbs v Wildfires

Sat 05 Aug Randwick v Warringah

Sat 05 Aug Southern Districts v Easts

Sat 05 Aug Two Blues v West Harbour